Installations - Process Solutions
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1- Registration of majority and minority ingredients
Majority Ingredients
Tank Trucks
Maxi bags
Minority Ingredients
Pre-heavy bags
2- Storage of majority and minority ingredients
Storage of major ingredients
External silos (Stainless, fiber or carbon steel)
Inner silos (stainless steel, trevira, carbon steel, fibre)
Hoppers and various tanks with fluidized discharge systems, pneumatic hammers to help discharge according to the type of ingredient to be treated
Big-Bag Unloaders stations
Minority Ingredients Storage
Automatic or manual micro-ingredient stations, composed of scale hoppers to store the ingredients. Equipped with micro-dosers for precise dosing and weighing of each ingredient according to the customer’s recipe
Bag/Sacks unloaders
3- Transport of ingredients
Pneumatic conveying in diluted phase (suction and impulsion)
Pneumatic conveying in dense phase (suction and impulsion)
Vibrating channels
Bucket elevators
Conveyor belts
Screw conveyors
4- Unloading and dosing of ingredients
Elements for unloading
Vibrating extractors
Mechanical extractors (screw conveyors, rotary valves, stirring bottoms, etc.)
Dosing and weighing systems for ingredients
Additive Weighing
Weight Loss Weighing
Volumetric dispensers
Micro dispensers.
5- Security, installation
 Sifters/Screening (vibratory, centrifugal, gravity)
Magnet Systems
Metal separators
6- Other operations and processes
Weigh systems
7- Automation
System control via software
Batch control and traceability
Programming of all types of security for the proper use of the installation
Installation of indicators to control the different parameters of the installation (speeds, yields, temperature, operating hours, etc…)
8- Other related facilities
Installations of liquid ingredients for dosing:
– Water
– Oils
– Lactate
– Glycerines
– Other liquids
Centralized systems for dust aspiration (centralized sleeve filters, local aspirations to avoid dust in the environment, etc…)
Small dosimetry rooms/stations and weighing of solid and liquid ingredients.

Principles Installations Design

The design of our facilities is totally flexible, adapting to the specifications of each client.

We guarantee the quality of our equipment in materials, surface finishes and welding. Rigorous quality controls in the manufacturing process and reception of materials.

In addition to complying with the requirements specified in:

ATEX regulations
EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and food safety guidelines
CE Standard
Specific local regulations or directives